Super Rugby Scoop: Bill Pulver Coming to Town!

Well readers. Today your columnist will reward your loyalty with another scoop in the great Australian Super Rugby Saga.
Guess who’s coming to Perth next week? None other than Bill Pulver. That’s right, your columnist has it on good authority that the CEO of Australian Rugby will be in Perth on Tuesday for what will be his first visit across the Nullarbor since the Australian Super Rugby Saga began back in April. Your columnist understands that Mr Pulver will meet with RugbyWA officials, while also calling in to see the WA Government. If you see him, do the right thing and buy him a beer…
One of the many obvious topics for discussion at next week’s meetings will be the ARU’s decision earlier this week to lift the moratorium which had previously prevented the Brumbies, Reds and Waratahs from trying to poach players from the Rebels and Force. Conspiracy theorists might well conclude that decision favours the three most powerful factions in Australian rugby at a time when the ARU is facing an extraordinary general meeting later this month. Hmmm…
The lifting of the moratorium is also consistent with what your columnist wrote back on May 5 in the column headed: The Man Who Can Solve The Australian Rugby Impasse.
In that column, we penned the following statement:
“As we all know, the ARU has some major dramas to deal with right now. But those dramas would be compounded if SANZAAR’s decision on how many teams will be in Super Rugby next year drags on beyond June. That is because while there is a moratorium on Australian players being poached by other Australian Super Rugby teams until the SANZAAR situation is resolved, there are no such restrictions on foreign clubs plundering Australia’s most talented Super Rugby players. Those players have families to feed and futures to think about. If those players opt for the security of lucrative overseas contracts while the ARU and SANZAAR dither, it would be nothing short of a national travesty.”
Anyway, your columnist has a bit more up his sleeve to support the call made in this column that the Force would be alive and upright in 2018. But one scoop for today is enough.
Stay tuned… and GO THE FORCE!!!