SAVE ON YOUR SUBS – Bring a Mate to Neddies

Bring a Mate to Neddies and Save on your Subs!

Our Club is looking to really build player numbers throughout the grades this year, and is asking current players to help with our recruitment drive. Members who introduce another player to the Club this year will receive a $50 rebate on their subscription, and the new player will benefit in the same way.

So if you have a rugby-playing mate who’s been thinking about pulling on the boots again, bring them down to training and introduce them to any coach or member of the Club’s management team on their first night. Then, when you have both fully paid your subs, you will each receive a $50 rebate. The new player may have played at Neds before but they mustn’t have been registered at the Club in 2017. This program applies for men’s, colts’ and women’s teams.

In summary :

  • Bring a new player to the Club in 2018 and you and the new player will receive a $50 rebate on your subscriptions when you are both fully paid-up members.
  • You must introduce the new player to a Club official on their first night of training.
  • We are very happy to include past Nedlands players in this program, but they must not have been registered with the Club in 2018.