Building Update March

Building Project – Update 8th March 2012 No more photos to add at this stage as most of the work lately has been on the inside. We have the old training light relocated and operational so the boys can run under two of the lights. A problem with the one in front of Trevor’s new house – it has decided not to work since we moved the other one. Travis Mc Intyre (who did all the wiring to move the light) is onto it and will track down the problem asap. Thank Trav for all your work.

Matt Caporn (ex junior and senior player, now a ballooning builder) has been down over the last week or so and has poured exposed aggregate to all the areas we had previously planned and budgeted to be paved. Thanks to Matts generosity with the labour charge (huge discount) and a 30% discount on the concrete from BGC we have managed to do the job for just over the cost of paving. Aggregate is normally at least double the price of paving so we have a fantastic product with no weeds to pull out in the future. Rod Ball will be sealing it in a few days for added protection – thanks Rod.

On the inside tiling is almost finished thanks to Brian Sanders, Ted Walton and a team of Afghan refugees – now Aussies. They have all done a great job and we are now proceeding with fitting out the change rooms, toilets, kitchen and bar. There could be a slight delay in the ladies toilet thanks to the handling skills (or lack of) by ex Patron Richard Vaughan – he never could catch a ball. Ask him how he did it when you see him!!

Shane Smith (ex player) along with his partner has generously offered to supply all the remaining paint for the building and some labour to do the job in the form of big Dan Bailey. A grade coach Tony Ball has now come back from the bush to lend a hand along with Boycie Mc Clutchie, Geoff Turner, and Kirk Kiwana when available. If there are any other qualified painters out there who can lend a hand to do the finishing coats all over the building please contact me or Dan who is co coordinating painting?

John Walker has been beavering away every day fitting door catches and numerous other small jobs as well as keeping the project ticking along to meet our deadlines but is now off for a well deserved two week break in NZ. Have a great break John. Chris Lowson who has also been beavering away with piles of paperwork associated with the government grant, council grant, asf and minute keeping is also out of action for a few weeks with an operation. Best wishes for a seedy recovery Chris in time for our first game. We still have lots of final purchasing to do and are trying to stretch our dollars to achieve maximum results..

The “Ladies Landscape Committee” of Lan Lowson, Rose Bradbury, Chris king and Nadia is on the job and have co opted all sorts of experts to finish our surroundings that will meet all our Swan River Trust obligations and give our clubhouse a very professional finish. If anyone can help in this regard please contact me and I will put you in touch with Lan or Rose. Steve Bradbury has also been full on helping John but has snuck away for a few week fishing but will be back soon to keep an eye on proceedings. Hopefully Terry Bradbury and I can keep things ticking along in their absence In summary all the savings and generosity as listed above and throughout the project has allowed us to be way under the budget we started with to build the basic building. Along with new ASF donations since we started these savings have allowed us to now purchase a lot of extra ‘goodies” that we had not budgeted for previously including a new cool room, kitchen and bar fit out to professional standard, security systems, AV systems, new cabinets, top quality roof materials, exposed aggregate and quality change room floor coverings and benches.

Look forward to seeing you all at the first game on 21st April and Opening Day 19th May.

Regards Your Building Committee Garry, John, Steve, Chris, and Terry

(Garry 0408 946 857 or