Robbie Deans Visits the Juniors

You heard it right. Neddies is looking for players from the seniors and colts to help coach the Juniors this season. And any players who take up this offer will have their 2012 season subs paid for by the Juniors. All that is required to coach the Juniors is an hour of your time on Thursday afternoons from 5-6pm. The Juniors play on Saturday mornings with most games played at Britannia Oval in Leederville. Speak to anyone who has coached a Junior team at Neddies before – like Sir Edmund Fleury, Muzz McLean, Trefor Thomas, George Forster-Jones, Drummo, Mixer, Tony Ball, Trent Gainey, Matt Chong-Sue and Kane Greer – and they will tell you what a rewarding experience it can be. So come on, do your bit for the club and help shape the 1st grade stars of the future for Neddies.

Interested? Contact Tim Hanlin on 0419 910 096