Final Building Update

Building Project  – Final Update  1st May 2012
If you have been down to the clubhouse you will know that we are in the home straight and on target for our opening day in three weeks – Sat 19th May.
As always there are unforseen hold ups the latest being getting our hands on the $50k promised by the council and another $40k from the Dept of Sport and Recreation, this being the last payment from our grant. We are currently “negotiating” with the council as they are saying we need to have the building completed with an “Occupation Certificate” before they give us the money but we are trying to convince them we cant complete the building ( and pay all our bills) without their funds. The DSR money is dependent on final sign off by council – Life wasn’t meant to be easy !! Hopefully this will be resolved quickly.
In the meantime we have managed to complete the change rooms and our plumber now has water to the building and is working hard to finish the gas hook up for hot showers and the BBQ this week. The new cool room is working fantastically thanks to Phil Hobbs but we are still waiting on shelving for the cool room and kitchen along with some kitchen equipment on back order. Chris Lowson,George Horsham and helpers are currently putting up the various items around the walls along with the projector and screen. A totally new AV system will be installed soon along with signage to the building and window finishing touches with our logo.
It has been a long road and I am certainly looking forward to it being completed and back to playing golf in my spare time. Thanks to all those who have helped and I will see you at the opening to relax and enjoy a beer.

Your  Building Committee

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