Insurance Information

All Registered, Financial Players Have The Following Protection:

1. Medicare : Covers the cost of treatment in an emergency department of
a public hospital, and a portion of the cost of a visit to a doctor, X-rays,
operations and hospitalisation in a public hospital and any necessary
medicines. Does not cover physiotherapy. You must be registered with
Medicare and have a Medicare card to be eligible for these benefits.

2. ARU Rugby Insurance :
a. Makes payouts in case of death or permanent disability.
b. Covers 80% of non-Medicare medical expenses (after reimbursement
from your private health fund if you have one), including ambulance,
physiotherapy, pharmacy, dentistry. There is a $100 excess (except
ambulance), and the maximum benefit payable is $3,000.
c. For wage and salary earners whose employer will not pay you if you’re
not at work, a weekly benefit of 80% of gross income up to a maximum
of $300 per week for 52 weeks. There is a 28 day excess ie you won’t be
paid anything until you’ve been off work for 28 days.
You will receive a brochure from the ARU which gives details of this policy.  Click Here to download the brochure.

3. Nedlands RUFC has an injured players fund, which can make limited payouts
to players to help with rent, food etc in cases of extreme hardship.

Note : 2 and 3 above only apply to registered, financial players – ie those who have paid their

If you think you need more protection than the above, eg more income protection insurance, it is
your responsibility. For advice contact BUPA, sponsor and ex-president Rick Wolozny at Trident
Insurance Brokers on 92028000 or see the Club’s insurance officer Chris Lowson (0404931735).

What if You Need To Make a Claim?

1. Medicare claims are your responsibility. The Club doesn’t need to be involved
with these.

2. All ARU Insurance and Injured Players Fund claims should be made through
your team manager.
a. If the injury is serious (a head or neck injury that requires medical
treatment, or any injury that results in you being admitted to hospital),
they must complete and submit an ARU Serious Injury Report within 48
hours. These injuries must also be noted on the team-sheet.
b. If you are going to make a claim on the ARU policy, your manager will
get a signed claim form from the Club’s Insurance Officer (Chris), and
you must complete this and send it, along with your doctor’s report and
any other necessary documentation, to the address on the form. Once
you have the form, its completion and submission must be done within
28 days, and is your responsibility.

3. If you want to make a claim on the Injured Players Fund, give all relevant
details (injury, how long affected, how affected, why you need assistance) to
your manager, who will convey them to Chris on your behalf.

For all insurance / injured players fund information contact Chris Lowson
(0404931735 / 94487345) or at .