Grand Finals Information

With 4 teams through to their respective grand finals there is plenty of Neddies action this weekend. Below are the times you can find the teams playing. All games are being held at McGilvray oval (UWA grounds)

Saturday 29th of September

Cavaliers vs Cott- 12.30pm

Nomads vs UWA – 2.00pm

Thirsty Thirds vs Kalamunda- 3.30pm

Sunday 30th of September

Premier Grade vs Associates- 4.00pm

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Club Finals Letter 


Nomads Pre-Lim Match Report

The mighty Nedlands ‘Nomads’ are in the Grand Final once again!  Do I hear you asking: ‘So what else is new … the Nomads reach the Grand Final every year don’t they?’ Well certainly it must be acknowledged that, over the last 16 years a team by that name has represented Neddies in the 4th or 5th Grade Grand Final on 13 separate occasions and that they had, at one stage, won an incredible 10 consecutive premierships. This is a considerable feat, by comparison to which even the UWA 4th Grade Dream Team’s three consecutive Grand Final victories pales into insignificance. But it also has to be acknowledged that the Nomads of old are long gone now. Instead, in place of Bubbles, Bam, ET, Animal, Aussie Bob, Drummo, Spotty, Bardi, George and Hobbsie a new, and considerably younger generation of ‘Nomads’ is rising up. And my goodness, didn’t they rise up and do the club and the legacy of those Nomads of old proud on Saturday.  In a display of courage and determination that made many of the old Nomads, who had come along to support their team more in hope than with conviction, swell up with pride and admiration, the modern day Nomads took the game to a much bigger and far more experienced Wanneroo outfit and came out on top by a narrow three point margin (9 – 6).  The strong wind made running rugby difficult and the strong Wanneroo pack made things even more difficult by monopolising possession for most of the first half. Thankfully all the defensive work that the Nomads had done during the preceding week ensured that, although Wanneroo had most of the ball, they never really looked like scoring a try. As a result the score at half time was all locked up at 6 – 6. This score line indicated a closely contested and very even match, which is what it had been up to that point, but when the teams changed ends it seemed only a matter of time until Wanneroo, with the assistance of the strong breeze at their backs, would run away with the game. But that is not how things turned out. As the second half progressed it became clear that the big Wanneroo forwards were beginning to tire and that, unlike the Nomads, they did not have much in the way reserves on the bench to whom they could turn for reinforcement. The Nomads on the other hand had a full bench of reserve players all raring to go.  So Sindo and Aussie Bob began to flood the field with “fresh legs”.  On came, Big Ollie, Marty Mac, Beast, Scotty Scotland, Gadget, Givit and Cleggy, and with each new replacement it seemed the Wanneroo heads dropped just a little lower. As a result of all these player movements Pete our trusty manager was doing more sprints to the sideline official’s desk than Usain Bolt does in a year, but the tactic was clearly working as the Nomads were now regularly making it over the gain line and catching the tiring Wanneroo pack offside. The resulting flow of penalties allowed ‘The Brat’ and his trusty boot to keep us down in the Wanneroo half and finally, with just 12 minutes to go, ‘The Brat’ managed to kick a penalty goal to give the Nomads a three point lead. Unfortunately Wanneroo came roaring back from the kick off and remained camped in the Nomads half for the rest of the game.  The Nomads were forced to defend desperately. And no one was more desperate and effective in this regard than man of the match Barry ‘BK Two’ Kelly. But despite his valiant efforts it seemed certain that the Nomads defensive line would give way, especially after Sam ‘The Man’ Ussher was shown the yellow card for what the referee thought to be a ‘professional foul’. And yet still the Nomads refused to yield. The Neddies spectators looked on in amazement as miraculous things began to happen. ‘The Brat’ was seen making tackles, Gadget actually caught a pass or two and team talisman Tref ‘T Rex’ Thomas was overheard speaking politely to the referee! (Oh all right, I made that last one up!) It was hard to believe but the Nomads were hanging on. Finally the referee blew his whistle to bring to an end an excellent game of rugby. The Nomads had triumphed by 9 – 6 and were once again in the GF with a chance to revenge last year’s narrow loss to Uni. The Uni boys looking on were ecstatic. They told anyone who was willing to listen that it was Wanneroo they feared not us. In their minds our victory virtually ensured them of their 4th consecutive premiership! All they had to do now was turn up next Saturday to collect the premiership cup. Such hubris may yet turn out to be their downfall. Only time will tell. Bring it on!