Round 14 Match reports

Premier Grade

Winners 22-11

Reserve Grade

Went down

3rd Grade

On a glorious Winters day full of sunshine the 3rds/4ths combined side took to the bus for the casual 2hr drive to Busselton for a combined game after Bunburys 3rd Grade forfeited during the week.
A slight delay to  the start of the day due to crossed wires as to the whereabouts of the Wanneroo Golf Course which isnt located in Wanneroo but located past the Carramar course past Aussie Bobs house in Tapping.
Once Skipper for the day Macca had located and secured said bus and arrived some 50mins late we packed up and our new Irish friend/Mascot Richietook the wheel we were on our way. Phoning ahead helps in these situations and we notified Bunbury of our late arrival but keen-ness to play.
We arrived right on KO at 2:30, with 15 mins to change and warmup we were pushed to be on the field as the backs only had one mirror with which to check their hair.
A small excited crowd and two seagulls greeted the boys as they ran out to justify the expense of the bus hire. As most of the Bunbury A side had filtered down into the B side the game was hotly contested with Nedlands taking the first scalp about 10 mins into the game, the rest of the game was a blur due to the 2hr drive home and lots of piss stops but notable highlights being:
  • we scored 10 tries 4 conversions to 4 tries and 3 conversions 58-26
  • the Stigs bagging of a hat trick, although it doesnt show on the team sheet as Sue R got confused as to who was scoring and gave some to Mark Tawhai
  • Glen Briggs”the Double Decker Bus” bagging a brace of tries, they were recorded correctly
  • Jimmy Lee adding to his vast array of talents by drop kicking a conversion directly in front, 
  • Matt Paris being sin binned for unprofessional conduct, needless to say it was so unprofessional we shall never mention what he did to be binned.
  • Joe Ritchie getting some game time a No 8, with Suter sent to play in the backs
  • Tank not getting a try this week
  • All the greedy back rowers getting tries
  • Brian Robinson making his comeback debut on the wing after 7 months in the Emerald Isles
  • Tui Williams incredible sculling ability that hauled us back into to a narrow second after Brian R thought it was a casual Sunday afternoon tipple down the local.
  • Freda, Heniaka and Harrison being our only Neddies Supporters to make the trip and watch us. Many Thanks from the Boys for making the Trip. The two seagulls could have been from Nedlands but the werent wearing any Neddies Colours.
Thanks also to Freda for buying the entire team Sausages in a bun after the game, many thanks it was perfect stomach lining for the drinks on the way home.
Fairly Tame trip home as we got to watch the Force game on Mark T’s tablet mounted on the esky, Maccas insistence that everyone scull when the Honey Badger got the ball went down well for about 6 touches then the crew got bored and gave up on that drinking game.
4th Grade

If the fourths can one day put together a half decent preparation for a game we could be really dangerous. It was about half way through the first half into the gale that boys were finally warmed up and got a bit fired up at the niggle that had been going on. Amazing how the intensity goes up with a bit of controlled anger. Alas the excellent commitment, hard carries and clean outs in that period came after the Mandurah centres had already dined on a couple of meat pies. Always hard to chase when you get behind and so it proved in the second half where we couldn’t close the gap and suffered another loss. When quizzed on the slow start a few explanations were offered including “ dizziness at the changes of venue we have had this year”, “shithouse navigation skills to find the place”, “being separated from our kin in the thirds” and others that Dingo would simply edit out.

Always good to have some positives to focus on when you lose and there were plenty. The Beast showed that despite many repetitions on a Thursday night and many in games he has no bloody idea about the team tap penalty move. Instead of playing his part and creating a quick ruck, he knocked a few over and then when confronted by only two more…did some quick maths about how much bigger he was than them and finished off a great charge by smoking the poor little bugger in front of him. Hats off on a great try and a highlight of our game.

That provided a bit of inspiration and we were quickly back on the charge and threatening their line. Time for some quick thinking by Reagan taking a quick tap and firing a great pass to T on the wing and the new man is over in the corner. Thanks to Pete for answering the call and bringing T down, he had a great first game.

The feeling was up at half time and we had realistic hopes for a resurgent second half. Alas, that didn’t happen and instead we copped some more bloody injuries and periods with 13-14 on the field. Ash decided that the best way to get a full game is to eliminate the competition and sent the skipper to the blood bin, Gadget blew a gasket and Ash’s brothers’ strapping could only last for so long on the Beast. A bit of a challenge for us to get back up for our last home game of the season next week, but you can guarantee they will be done early to get the make up done before the photo.