Exclusive: Billionaire Tells The ARU: I Will Support Rugby Nationally If You Support A National Footprint

Exclusive: Billionaire Tells The ARU: I Will Support Rugby Nationally If You Support A National Footprint

Well readers, another exclusive. if you were ever unsure what businessman Andrew Forrest really thought of the ARU’s conduct throughout the Super Rugby saga, it has been laid bare in this explosive letter to ARU chairman Cameron Clyne.

Twiggy’s view is perhaps best summed up by the following line: “The continual refusal to consider alternative solutions to the short-sighted and morally corrupt process you have, secretly, undertaken to exterminate the Western Force, is a terrible indictment of your stewardship.”

And if you had any doubt how determined the Perth billionaire was to continue his fight against that injustice, then consider the following line: “Win or lose the appeal, my support for the Western Force will not waiver and action to overturn your irresponsible decision will continue.”

However, perhaps most importantly, the letter reveals that Twiggy has made an offer to the ARU which rugby’s cash-strapped governing body simply can’t – or shouldn’t – refuse: “I have made it abundantly clear to the ARU, that my support extends nationally but is predicated on the national union conforming to the basic values of the game which seeks to nurture, support, and grow rugby on a national footprint.”

In other words, what we have here is a billionaire philanthropist offering to throw his support behind rugby nationally in Australia – on the proviso that the ARU maintains a national footprint for the code by keeping the Force. That should be music to the ears of every single rugby player and supporter throughout Australia  – from the Dunsborough Dung Beetles under-6s to the Wallabies, from Rockingham to Rockhampton.

And every single one of those players and supporters around Australia should be asking the same question of Cameron Clyne: Why on earth won’t you meet with Andrew Forrest?

For his part, Twiggy has warned chairman Clyne what the consequences might be if the former NAB chief declines his offer to chew the fat about the state of the game in Australia: “Chairman, if you continue to refuse to meet with me, and if the ARU Board are unwilling to compel you, then I call on the Board to immediately resign and be replaced with leaders who are willing to act in the best interest of Australian rugby.”

Twiggy’s complete letter to the Cameron Clyne and ARU Board of Directors can be found here.

Make no mistake, the stakes in the Super Rugby scandal have just risen again. Stay tuned….