Breaking News: Is Twiggy About To Make Another Offer The ARU Can’t Refuse?

Breaking News: Is Twiggy About To Make Another Offer The ARU Can’t Refuse?

Well readers, if you thought Andrew Forrest had done all he could to save the Force from the Super Rugby axe, think again.

Following on the heels of his circa $50 million pledge to support grassroots rugby throughout Australia, your columnist understands Twiggy might be about to offer even more financial support for the ARU if the eight current and remaining directors change their minds about cutting the Force.

It might well be that the iron ore magnate is thinking about offering to support the ARU financially should Australian rugby’s governing body face any legal action for not meeting the SANZAAR directive to cut one of the five Australian Super Rugby teams. However, you would have to think such an offer would only stand if a couple of conditions were met, such as (1) The ARU acted before the NSW Supreme Court appeal decision on the Force’s future was handed down and (2) if chairman Cameron Clyne stood down, as Twiggy has demanded.

So now the ARU has almost no justification left to axe the Force.

And if they keep stonewalling, who knows. Perhaps Twiggy might instead decide to throw his financial support behind another legal claim – like, for example, the WA Government’s mooted $100 million-plus damages claim against the ARU.

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a wildcard to throw into the mix which just might rattle the complacency of the other Australian state unions who are sitting silent on the sidelines. Imagine, hypothetically of course, if the ARU actually harboured longer-term plans to reduce Australia’s Super Rugby representation to just three teams. Surely not? Hmmmm

Remember, you got it all here first.

Stay tuned ….