Breaking News: Expect The Appeal Decision Tomorrow

Breaking News: Expect The Appeal Decision Tomorrow

Well readers, your columnist can’t tell you which way Justice Hammerschlag’s critical appeal decision will go. What I can tell you is to expect his decision to be handed down tomorrow in the NSW Supreme Court at around 8am Perth time.

So for no other reason than to calm the anxious nerves, let’s take a glass half full approach and examine what will happen if the ruling comes down in RugbyWA’s favour.

  1. The ARU will have to tell SANZAAR it has no legal avenue available to axe an Australian Super Rugby team.
  2. ARU chairman Cameron Clyne will resign, having pledged to do so if he couldn’t cut a team. He will try to convince the other seven ARU directors to resign also so he is not seen as the fall guy for the most tumultuous event in Australian rugby history.
  3. The ARU will give itself a collective upper cut for not accepting Twiggy’s $50 million pledge to support grassroots rugby and his offer to fund any legal action launched by SANZAAR.
  4. The Force will be the best resourced team in Super Rugby, backed by billionaire Andrew Forrest and the success of the relaunched Own The Force campaign.
  5. The Rebels will face a player and coaching crisis, having clearly hoped they could fill the huge void that is their playing and coaching roster with Force players and coaches.
  6. We will all have a drink and a long lie down.

So fingers and toes crossed readers, tomorrow is going to be big.

Stay tuned…