The Super Rugby Saga: The Startling Revelations Begin

The Super Rugby Saga: The Startling Revelations Begin

Well readers, after a long break, your Super Rugby Saga columnist is back.

Back because of the startling revelations made at the Australian rugby Senate hearing, which are not getting anywhere near the amount of mainstream media air time they deserve.

The Senate hearing more than proved its worth yesterday when Senator Linda Reynolds revealed the ARU discussed cutting an Australian Super Rugby team on 18 August 2016. That date is relevant  because it was eight days before the ARU signed the so-called Alliance Agreement with the Force. In doing so, Senator Reynolds effectively confirmed what your columnist had reported back on August 4 (Click here for article).

And who was it that briefed the ARU on cutting an Australian Super Rugby team? Come on down Rob Clarke.

That revelation begs a one seriously important question with significant potential legal ramifications – why didn’t the ARU tell the Western Force about its earlier discussions to cull an Australian Super Rugby team when it signed the alliance agreement? Was the agreement signed in good faith? That question cuts to the very heart of the Super Rugby saga because the alliance agreement was the very document the ARU used to brutally axe the Force.

And if that wasn’t enough for a day’s hearing at the Senate hearing, it was followed by the evidence tendered by Senator Reynolds that the private Imperium group was technically insolvent in NZ when it bought the Melbourne Rebels debt free from the ARU for $1. Despite being the former head of a big-four bank, ARU chairman Cameron Clyne said he didn’t know that.


The West Australian reported all of this online yesterday (click here for article), though somehow the story didn’t make it into today’s printed edition. The Australian, meanwhile, gave the story little prominence, while The Telegraph did what the Telegraph has always done since day one in its coverage of this matter. And we all know what that is.

Make no mistake, the Australian Super Rugby saga has just grown fresh legs. Combined with the forensic financial analysis done by Alison Foskett, this has 4 Corners written all over it.

As Mulder and Scully would say, the truth is out there….