AGM Report and New Executive Committee Members

AGM Report and New Executive Committee Members

The Club’s AGM was held on Thursday 16-Nov and was attended by 29 loyal club members.  Presentations were made by President Peter Malcolm, Treasurer Lisa Melvin and incoming Junior President Dave Round on the state of the club, focusing on the many successes of the 2017 season.  After the presentations all positions were declared vacant, and the following people were appointed to the Board of Management for the 2018 season:

Marty Fitzsimons                President

Craig Holdcroft                    Vice President – Rugby On-field

Vacant                                  Vice President – Clubhouse

Secretary                              Steve Bradbury

Treasurer                              Lisa Melvin

Jim Garvey                           Executive Board Member-Rugby Support

Dave Hugo                           Executive Board Member-Club Development

In addition to these appointments, Richard Vaughan was reaffirmed as Club Patron, and Chris Lowson was re-appointed to the Board of Trustees.

All club members please note that the position of Vice President – Clubhouse is vacant, so anyone with some spare time that wants to volunteer to be on the board please contact your new President Marty Fitzsimons.

On behalf of Nedlands RUFC, I want to thank out-going board members Jan Macpherson, Phil Hobbs and Josh Mylne for their dedication and hard work over the past couple of years.  Congratulations to everyone on being appointed to the Board, and to our new President Marty Fitzsimons I wish you all the very best of success both on and off the field.  Lastly, it has been an honour and privilege to have been the President of such a wonderful club as Neddies for the past 4 years.  I thank everyone in the club for your support and assistance over the years, and I look forward to seeing you all down on the sideline in 2018.  GO NEDDIES!

Peter Malcolm