Cockburn 10s Report

Cockburn 10s Report


Game 1 v Wests – Won 21 to 17, played with only one reserve vs a full stocked Wests side incl Matty Hodgson, we were simply too good

Game 2 v Uni – Lost 19 to 12, again played with one reserve, close game very young Uni side, Unis no 9 a standout speedster and was the difference scoring two of their tries.

Game 3 v Mandurah/Rockingham – Won 38 to 0,  Good blowout still lacking reserves but help coming eventually with Luke Peth landing along with Louis “Biggles” Sanders-Loder back on the paddock.

As the top three sides in our pool all won 2 games and lost one (Thanks wests for knocking off Uni) even a barefooted Bally had trouble working out the Pool Standings. In the end our for and against with that big win over Mandurah/Rockingham had Neddies Top the Pool! Which meant we were playing a large contingent of Palmyra heavyweights (we should have brought down the boxing gloves for that match)

Semi Final v Palmyra, Won 28 to 12, Finally the extra cattle arrived in the form of the galloping Welsh thoroughbred Aiden Laxton and the teams Skipper/Sniper Kauri Cudd. Luckily they did arrive as Paly were up to their usual abrasive best which might work in the school yard but didnt result in much more than them looking like a bunch of sore losers when our boys scored 4 tries to 2.

The Final v Joondalup – Lost 24 to 7, Joondalup are looking good this year and nice to have someone else besides Paly Neddies and Wests on the podium at these tournaments. Joondalup have been training for 5 weeks as a club and are raring to go, lots of keen players and a full bench of 7 extras vs our 3 meant we put up a good fight but our legs just seemed to be a little bit wearier than theirs. Great supporting try to Jake Mackellar

Neds Mens Side

Logan Ede, Ken MacAulay, Reuben O’Connell, Grayson Knapp, Drake Robson,Jake Mackellar, Callum Thomas, Nate Roberts, Louis Saunders-Loder, Tevin Ferris, Sam Rarasea, Lehan Ackerman, Aiden Laxton, Kauri Cudd

Management – Tony Ball, Shane Hemi, Neddies Bob, Jim Garvey, Fernie.


The Neds Womens side had to play 3 games vs a Southern Lions Combined side and won all three games comfortably, there was about 17 girls who played  and their supporters turned up to watch the 3 convincing triumphs and if their current form is any indication I believe they will have a rip snorter of a year.

They have now got their first bit of silverware to show why hard work and team work reaps rewards

A big thank you to the Southern Lions who ran the tournament and to all those referees who officiated the games in good spirit and let the games flow, they helped make the games fanatastic spectacles of the 10s form of Rugby.