Fundraising for Miller Makavilitogia

Fundraising for Miller Makavilitogia

The Nedlands Rugby Club are fundraising to assist in the support of Premier Grade player Zach Makavilitogia’s son, Miller.

Lot’s of players will be shaving their heads or beards off this Saturday to raise money for the cause.
We will also be holding a couple of raffles on the day as well, including a 2017 Official Signed Western Force football.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and can be made by direct debit into the following account
BSB: 016 359
Account: 309376831
Reference: Miller

Below is a brief rundown of Miller’s illness:

At the age of just 6 weeks old, a nurse raised concern for Miller’s health as he was still heavily jaundiced and had poor weight gain. After some blood test results confirmed the nurse’s concerns, Miller was admitted to PMH where they conducted further tests. About a week later his family were advised that Miller had a liver disease called Biliary Atresia.

Liver disease affects 1 in 12,000 children, Biliary Atresia being the most common. It is where the blocking of bile ducts causes a build up, which leads to scarring and damage to liver tissue and function. Over time this will eventually lead to liver failure and a liver transplant is the only option.

At 8 weeks old Miller and his parents were flown to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney, where he underwent major surgery – The Kasai Procedure. This surgery involves removing the gallbladder and blocked bile ducts and replacing them with some of his small intestine in the hope of normal restoration of bile flow.

After waiting a few weeks post-op, the surgeon advised the procedure had been unsuccessful and that they were likely to see Miller again within the year for a liver transplant.

On return to Perth, Miller was put on to an eating plan and currently has a Nasal-Gastro tube inserted to assist with feeding. This tube also assists with the 100+ mls of medications and vitamins he takes each night – all these meds help with the irritable scratching and vitamin deficiency which is currently affecting his body growth and development.

Miller visited the children’s hospital in Sydney again recently, as the doctor believed his condition was ‘reducing his quality of life’. From here he underwent daily tests in order to meet certain criteria to be placed on the liver transplant waiting list. Miller and his parents also got to meet the amazing team who will look after him when the time comes to have the transplant.

He is now currently on the waiting list and will need to be on the next available flight to Sydney once the call comes to advise a donor has been found.

Miller and his family could be in Sydney for up to 8-12 weeks post surgery.