Round 8 Review: Tough Nut Peanut, Worzel and the Doughnut

Round 8 Review: Tough Nut Peanut, Worzel and the Doughnut

The weather or the rugby? It was a line-Nedlands RUFC Latest News Updatecall as to which was the worst at Harvey Field on Saturday as Neddies took on the Gulls.

The psychic energy (to steal a Murray Mexted phrase) looked to be with Neddies ahead of the premier grade kick-off after the reserves came back from the death to steal a last-second win over Cottesloe. This came after the Neddies women’s team had recorded a rare win over the Shegulls and a solid win in thirds, with only the fourths finishing with the silver.

And even though they didn’t score in the first half, there weren’t too many alarm bells ringing in the premier grade game at halftime when Neddies trailed by just 3-0 after playing into the teeth of a howling gale.

What looked like a 14-odd point second-half gale turned out to be just that. Only problem was that Cottesloe got the 14 points playing into the wind to cap off a 17-0 upset win after giving Neddies a bit of a lesson in handling such atrocious conditions.

The 17-zip loss posed a question: When were Neddies last held to the doughnut? Your correspondent is stumped on that one. Which probably means it was a long time ago.

Anyway, if there was a positive it was the form of cult hero Joe “Peanut” Richie. Peanut is one Tough Nut. He needs so start breeding soon.

Another positive is that Friday marks the 20th anniversary of a time-honoured tradition which Neddies proudly pioneered in Perth – annual Test Match Lunches. These lunches are so legendary we now have them even when Perth doesn’t host a Test match. Word is that one of the stars of Friday’s Test Match lunch, former All Black Ali Williams, will be down at the club on Thursday. And he likes his steak well-done.

For the record, the first Neddies Test Match Lunch back in 1998 was held at the Mounts Bay Sailing Club. Simon Poidevin was the guest speaker and Peter Dee the comedian. A year later, the “comedian” was a bloke called Worzel. Guest speaker Chris “Buddha” Handy was so appalled by Worzel that he famously started dropping his name in live Test commentaries when players made serious bloopers. You had to be there.

There will be no club rugby this Saturday due to the long weekend. Round 9 looms as a cracker at The Foreshore on Saturday week when Neddies host the unbeaten Soaks.

Be there. Be loud. Be proud. Go the Nut. Go Buddha. GO NEDDIES!!