Round 13 Review: Scoreboard Origami, Eddie Everywhere and the Nose Bag

Round 13 Review: Scoreboard Origami, Eddie Everywhere and the Nose Bag

There was a fair bit to celebrate in Round 13 as Neddies hosted the Coastal Cavaliers at The Foreshore. While the premier grade match ended in a 46-17 win after earlier wins in reserves, thirds and fourths and a loss by the women’s team against Palmyra, there were stand-out performances on and off the field.

Here are a few of them.

Rocket, Deb and the Allports: Hats off to this team for another first-class Third Half supporters lunch. Great tucker, great company, great peas.

Damo: The Eddie Everywhere of Neddies. Plays third grade, ducks in to the clubrooms in his boots to be guest speaker for The Third Half lunch (without getting to strap on the nose bag), then heads back out to the field to come off the bench for the premier grade. Damo was apparently spotted still in his Neddies playing kit in Northbridge in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Ivan Julian: While some start the Mexican wave at rugby to entertain the crowd, Ivan started a new trend – scoreboard origami. Top marks for creativity and execution. This was while brother Rex was missing all the action, preferring to eat kiwifruit pudding in NZ.

Heath Tessman: After bagging a couple against Southern Lions last week, hooker Heath crossed twice again on Saturday. This bloke doesn’t do odd numbers.

Goff and Deano: The Cavs have done it tough this season, but if it wasn’t for these two hard-core rugby blokes, they probably wouldn’t be in premier grade.

Nate Roberts: Was into everything again on Saturday, showing his versatility by playing in the 10 jumper. Probably topped the tackle count. Is it too fanciful to think this bloke can win his second PG Hampshire award 11 years after the last one? He must surely be in the mix.

The Cavs: Showed great rugby spirit by coming to Neddies in a bus and hanging around well after the game. Might have been a much bigger night had the Cavs held on to their 17-12 lead shortly after half time.

So what happens now?

Saturday’s game marked the end of the first round of the competition, which now divides into the Premiership Division (Top 6) and the Championship Division (Bottom 7).

Saturday sees Neddies host Joondalup at The Foreshore in the first game of the new Premiership competition.

Things are hotting up. This is big.

Be there. Be loud. Be proud. Go Ivan. Go the peas. GO NEDDIES!!