Holey Heck! The Grand Finals are Upon Us

Holey Heck! The Grand Finals are Upon Us

Well it has rushed up on us sooner than we thought, but great effort on the weekend from Prems and Third Grade to bag the invite to the Big Dance this Weekend.

Commiserations to Will Brock and his hard working team in Reserve Grade who stumbled in the the final minutes and sadly got pipped by Southern Lions 33-32 with no time to rally and change the lead.

Finals time is hard at the best of times and a lack of reserves makes it even harder, with only 5 on the bench Will and Mikey tried their best to manage the cattle and injuries as the game wore on. For the few supporters and 1 Premier Grade player who trekked to MacGillivray on Sunday, there was some very good play to watch (especially after half time) and I thank those who made the effort and supported Reserve Grade on Sunday. Supporters we need to share ourselves around and support all our teams not just one on the day.

A big thank-you to all those who pitched in on Saturday to make our hosted Semi-Final a resounding success, although the antarctic breeze off the Swan River eventually died down it made for a very chilly sideline for those under the Third Half tents. Well marked out grounds and setup made for a great day, although the trained monkey on scoreboard duties was doing his best to cause a ruckus on the sideline.

This Saturday and Sunday – Grand Finals Weekend

On Saturday we head South to watch Thirds at Success (359 Hammond Road, Success, 6164) have success, and

then head North on Sunday to cheer our Prems on in the Main Event of the Premier Grade at Wanneroos ground at Kingsway Reserve Maddeley.

Will let you update you know when the bar will be open over the weekend, most likely Saturday afternoon and Sunday .

Awards Dinner – 30th August

Book the date, Friday 30th August, at the clubhouse cost $55 per head, buffet dinner, Speeches Awards  and dancing, Cash bar and DJ after 9pm.

Starts 6pm – Cash Bar, drinks on the table then Cash bar from 9pm.

Attire – Club No 1s or smart casual and that doesnt mean clean jandals.

First 110 tickets get to sit inside as we only have room inside for that number.

Get in first to get inside!