The 2020 Season is upon us!

The 2020 Season is upon us!

Thats right Neddies faithful the 2020 season is bearing down on us faster than a Cat 5 Cyclone out of the  Indian Ocean. Dust off those Neddies tops, kick the dog or cat off its new sleeping mat aka your old jersey and don your favourite club colours and yell “Blue is the Colour, and Nedlands is our Name”. Check your calendar, blank out everything on every saturday from now to the weekend of the 22nd of August its Rugby Time. As Rex Julian is known to remark – You Beaudy!!


Trial games

Sat 14th Mar – aka this Saturday at the Foreshore starting at 1:00pm, we have a three club trial vs our good friends from Wests and Associates coming to visit.

On Field two at 1:00pm, we have the resurrected Nedlands Colts side playing in the U21 division (dont ask it just is so).

then at 2:00pm on field 1 will be 3 x 30 min games from Prems and Reserve grade


Field Time Grade Teams Field  Time Grade Teams
2 1:00 pm U21s  Neds v Soaks
1:25pm 20 min Games Wests v Soaks
1:50pm Neds v Wests
1 2:00 pm Prems and Ressies Neds v Soaks
30 Min games Wests v Soaks 2 2:15pm 3rds/4ths Neds V Soaks
Neds v Wests 20 Min Games West V Soaks
Neds v Wests
4pm  Finished

And for those of you worried about Hydration issues yes the Bar will be open


Sat 21 Mar – Joondalup (my backyard) 

More info to come.


Code Of Conduct

Also remember we are all bound by a code of conduct so give the refs a go, we arent playing for the Word Cup its just trials, save your witty comments for Thursday night while I’m giving my inspirational speech to the players.


To that end the Refs Association are after each Premier grade club to nominate and organise 3 new match officials for the season, that could be 3 new touch judges or one ref and twp touch Judges. Aso each team must supply an accredited Touch judge for each game, so we need volunteers please.


Your President