Nedlands Action Plan for Covid-19 Outbreak

Nedlands Action Plan for Covid-19 Outbreak

To all Nedlands Members,

In response to the RUGBYAU’s cessation of all community rugby matches, training and face to face coaching seminars until the first week in May, Nedlands Rugby will cease all training sessions at the club from this Tuesday onwards, the bar will not be open on Thursday, there will be no steak nights, there will be no juniors training or juniors sausage sizzles on Wednesday or Thursday nights at either the Neddies North or the Foreshore.

Please take note we are not shutting everything down permanently this is just a temporary measure in response the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. We are trying to limit the spread of this virus and as RUGBYAU and RUGBYWA have stated nobody really knows how bad this could be, but to limit the spread of the virus the above steps have been put in place.

Please read up on the various news sites how quickly this virus is spreading and both myself and Kylie-Anne have discussed the steps and measures we as a club (Seniors and Juniors) need to implement to try and limit the spread of this virus and as you can see our governing bodies with good medical advice have made a sound decision based on science not speculation. I hope you will rally around the decisions made by our governing bodies to reduce the impact this virus has on humanity and the rugby community, going forward we need to always look at the bigger picture not just our own small microcosm that we exist in.

Please stay clean, safe and virus free.


The Nedlands Rugby Committee 2020

Statement regarding community rugby in Western Australia