Nedlands Rugby Club Coronavirus Update No: 2

Nedlands Rugby Club Coronavirus Update No: 2

I hope all the Nedlands Family are safe and well wherever you may be in this CRAZY CoronaVirus infected world we are experiencing. As Bob Hunter described the changing situation to me today – “Bob its moving faster than an avalanche”. So to all of you with a bunker like mentality, keep your toilet paper supplies dry, your beer cold and your weapon of choice clean and zeroed.


I hope everyone is taking precautions, and as you have seen on the TV even the AFL who arrogantly thought they were bigger tougher and smarter than this virus, have had to concede defeat and pause/cancel their competition as we knew they would have to do. It is now the Mungo Ball competition (League) that needs to stop playing. Mungo man being an early less developed ancestor to Modern Man aka Rugby Union types.


Updates on what is going on at the Club, well very little, we have put a halt to everything but please go down and say hello to Fearny once in a while as I know he was looking forward to the upcoming season as much as we all did.


To all the players keep up your running fitness, in fact I think it was Magnum “the Super Coach” Williams (his words not mine), who suggested that some good training would be to slip in the mouthguard and head off to Woolies or Coles on Toilet Paper Delivery day.


Fitness part one is to see if you can outsprint the massed throng to the toilet paper stacks and see how long you can last defending the dunny paper aisles from some of the large women who have been fighting on TV, they look like they could even mess up Trefor Thomas.


Fitness part Two then jog quickly over to the pasta aisles to gather up a weeks supply of ravioli and fettucine without being monstered by some FIFO worker stocking up his Doomsday bunker for Armageddon.


Fitness part three is the E&E section, once you have battled those big ladies tuck a 24 pack of dunny rolls under your arm and make for the front of the store as fast as you can go, obviously the skills part of this is hurdling the weak and dying laid out in the aisles and fending off any late comers who didnt get a 24, 20 or 8 pack of Kleenex’s softest.


As a warm down, jog home with your newly purchased bum wipes and pasta, trying not to get mugged by any pensioners or immigrants looking to start an E-bay store of toilet rolls as you journey home.


If you did this every couple of days you could be in line for Twiggys new sporting venture – GRS or Global Rapid Shopping that I am going to pitch to him later in the week!


On a more serious note going forward, RugbyWA has sent out over the weekend to All Club Presidents some possible options on a reduced season should the outbreak be less prevalent than thought, but that of course prob changed over the weekend. They are looking at a reduced season to 13 rds then finals after the Test Match if that goes ahead in Late Aug which I think is the preferred option.


Folks take care to you all, especially those of you either overseas by choice, trapped due to travel restrictions or in self isolations we are thinking of you, to those of you here at home in Perth and Australia stay safe, stay clean, and most important stay home.


We will endeavour to keep you posted of happenings about the season as they arise are debated and then decided on.



Bob Somerville

Nedlands President