Name your best Neddies team of the past 20 years

Name your best Neddies team of the past 20 years

Folks in order to keep your minds focussed away from the gloom and doom of self isolation Drummo has decided to help alleviate the rugby withdrawal symptoms amongst the Third Half faithful with a challenge to name the best Neddies team of the past 20 years. 

For the forwards that means post-2000, so you dont have to take your shoes off to count back that far. The only Western Force players allowed are those who played for Neddies before their Super rugby selection. 

Here’s Drummo’s line-up to get the ball rolling. GO NEDDIES!!

Run on Side

  1. Jermaine Ainsley
  2. Anaru Rangi
  3. Joe (Peanut) Richie (captain)
  4. Trefor Thomas
  5. Sam Herrington
  6. Dan (DB) Bailey
  7. Kerry (Toss) Roche
  8. Richie (Rat) Naylor
  9. Mike (Roo) Ruru
  10. Brad Wilkinson
  11. Jake Wilson
  12. Ryan McLeod
  13. Juan (JP) Pretorius
  14. Ben Titoko
  15. Kauri Cudd


Reserve Forwards:


  1. Mason Pomare
  2. Nathan Hollis
  3. Travis Church
  4. Aidan (The Horse) Laxton
  5. Tevin Ferris
  6. Grayson Knapp


Reserve Backs:


  1. Nathan Roberts
  2. Garth Ziegler
  3. Brodie Lam
  4. Colin Bisley
  5. Cam Crowley
  6. Davis Tavita