UPDATE RUGBY WA – COVID-19 – Restrictions on group activities

UPDATE RUGBY WA – COVID-19 – Restrictions on group activities

Dear Club & Community Rugby leaders,


You will all no doubt have noted the current lifting of the restriction on “gatherings” of groups up to 10 people here in WA   This is certainly a positive step forward, however, there is still a long way to go before we have clarity of how that impacts on our game resuming from both a full training and competition sense.    Particularly for a game that involves some level of contact, which means social distancing cannot be practiced.


Specifically we will need to exercise some patience with regard organised sport for a little longer.    Key on the WA Government direction is that it is focussed on individual activity up to 10 people observing distancing and not sharing any equipment.      At this early stage this is more targeted to small fitness groups because it involves managed exercise and some return to “work” for a few self-employed.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that a variation to the conduct of some sport related activities may not be practiced, and I appreciate you will all want some direction on this and what it means for club/community sport activities.


Please be assured I am working directly with the following to come to a formal direction and plan forward.  This includes:

  • Rugby AU via the Chief Medical Officer and the National Development Panel (All State Union CEO/GM’s).
  • I have sought direction from the DLGSCI (Dept Sport) as to how this is expected to impact on community sport.
  • In addition there will be a note out from Rugby AU that endorses the support for the use of the new App for tracking of C-19 contact tracing.  


As soon as I have formal answers and clarity of the progression forward for our sport and community activities, we will communicate that to you all in a timely and detailed way.   Note that there is a formal meeting of the Rugby AU National Development Panel on Wednesday where this is a formal agenda item and includes a briefing by RA Medical staff.


As throughout this whole situation I ask you to be patient and assure your club members that as soon as there is clarity then we will communicate further.


Regards Bob,


Bob Hunter
CEO, Rugby WA
203 Underwood Ave, Floreat, WA 6014 | PO Box 146, Floreat WA 6014
T +61 413 045 355