Hello to all you Rugby Starved faithful Nedlands Members,

well it has been quite a while between messages beers and steaks but this Presidents Message is chock a block full of the good stuff.


Firstly, we will have a season of Senior club rugby this year, the season will start on the 4th of July, around about the time the USA will go up in flames for the last time. The Juniors will also start on this date.


The 2020 Season

The season will be 13 weeks long, the 14 teams in the competition will play each other once. Whoever is in the top 4 get to compete for the Premier grade Premiership over two weekends, with the grand final landing on the weekend of the 10th October. those teams placing 5 to 9 will playoff for the championship grade premiership at the same time.


The draw for the season is as follows:









H or A

Social Function


4/07/2020 Coastal Cavs



11/07/2020 ARKS



18/07/2020 Southern Lions



25/07/2020 Palmyra



1/08/2020 Joondalup



8/08/2020 Wanneroo



15/08/2020 Perth Bayswater



22/08/2020 Curtin



29/08/2020 Soaks



5/09/2020 UWA



12/09/2020 Cott


Ladies Day


19/09/2020 Wests



26/09/2020 Kalamunda


Semi Finals

3/10/2020 Semis

Grand Finals

10/10/2020 Grand Finals



The Club Rooms and Bar

Now this is where it gets tricky, firstly everyone who wants to drink must be seated, secondly they must have their 2 sqm area for social distancing.

With those limits in mind we have worked out that we can seat 65 people in the clubrooms, 22 people on the  verandah with the blinds down and 100 people seated in their 2 sq m patch out on the grass.

Also you will have to log your name on a covid tracker register at the front door to the clubrooms, giving your name and mobile number.


So if everyone is comfortable with those limitations we intend to open the Clubrooms this thursday to scratch those itchy feet everyone has for a beer on a thursday night while the lads train.

No-one can stand and drink under the current restrictions you have to be seated to have a drink. Smokers please take note!!!

When you are in the bar please adhere to the social distancing guidelines.



I know everyone is hankering to huddle around the BBQs and spin a yarn with their mates and the players, but unfortunately this cannot occur under the current restrictions. I know for a fact it is a burning question as it is always the first question I am asked whenever any member of the club sees me or rings me, so I will put it into plain english that “under the  current restrictions there is no way the club can do steak-nights”.


We are investigating other meal options and who could cater that for us but in the meantime please hold on Steak-nights have only been postponed.


We will be trialling the sale of pies available from the Kitchen for $5 tonight and we need volunteers to help serve these to the tables.


Players Subs

We are looking at a slight reduction in players subs this year in accordance with the reduction in games played, more information to come on Thursday nights speeches.


In the mean while you are prepping for training please register on RugbyXplorer as training only, this will cover you for any serious injury or death while participating.



For those of you missing the close personal contact of a big hairy galoot trampling you into the ground then come down to training. The restrictions have been lifted and “Full Contact Training” is now allowed.


When you do come down to train you must login via the Neddies Google form Training Attendance App, Colin Phillips our 2nds Coach has set this up and can let you know how to access it.


You have to register every time you train at the club as part of the COVID-19 tracing protocols.


There you have it Rugby starved peeps Club rugby is back on, sort of, until we have the level 3 restrictions eased there can only be 100 people at one field at a time (this includes players, coaches, physios, hangers on and camp followers). Please be cognisant of these limits also if you are in any of the susceptible health types – Diabetes, lung conditions, heart conditions, Flu-like conditions then stay away. I know this brackets most of our Third Half Supporters but better to be safe than sorry.



Your President 

Bob Somerville