Bring a Mate to Neddies and Win a $3000 Holiday

Bring a Mate to Neddies and Win a $3000 Holiday


Any Nedlands member (supporter, parent, senior or junior player) who introduces a new colts or senior grade player (1sts to 4ths) to the Club and completes the entry conditions below will be entered into a draw for a $3,000 holiday for 2 people. (Australia or Overseas location to be confirmed subject to Covid)

To enter, please fill out the form below:

    CONDITIONS OF ENTRY – for introducing a new player

    • The new player must become financial and play at least 8 competition games for Nedlands during the 2021 season.
    • The new player must not have played for Neddies during the previous two seasons (2019 – 2020).
    • The introducing member must register for the draw by logging onto the NRUFC website and following the link to complete their details, the new players’ details and date of introduction to the Club. This must be done before the new player plays their first game. Retrospective entries won’t be accepted.
    • Club members who introduce new players will receive one free entry in the raffle for every new player they bring to Neddies . ie Bring 3 new players and get 3 tickets, etc.


    • This prize also aims to recognise long-standing Club players, and reward them for their service to Neddies:
      • A player who has played 100 games for Nedlands, and plays at least 8 games in the current season will be allocated 3 tickets in the draw.
      • A player who has played 200 games or more for Nedlands and plays at least 8 games in the 2021 season will be allocated 5 tickets in the draw.

    Players in these categories do not have to register. They will automatically be entered in the draw.

    • The raffle draw will take place at the seniors’ “End-of-Season Presentation Dinner” and eligible ticket holders’ names and ticket numbers will be advertised on the club website prior to the dinner. The winner must take the holiday before the start of the following season or it will be null and void.