Club Honours

Life MembersPresidents
Garry AshT.W.E. Bracher 1934-40
Peter BaileyF.W. Ashman 1941-50
Kevin BallJ.H. Lines 1951
Rodney BallN.W. Simmons 1952
Tony BallJ.W. Poynton 1953-56
Freda BlackS.J. Carmody 1957
Viv BookerJ.W. Stitfall 1958-59
Terry BradburyJ.W. Poynton 1960-61
Steve BradburyC.W. Duncan 1962
Dave BrockJ.M. Lavan 1963-64
Murray d’ArcyJ.W. Stitfall 1965-67
Peter DiamondL.C. James 1968-71
Mark DrummondP.M. Bailey 1972-80
Tom FearnT.J. Bradbury 1981-83
Ken FleurySteve Takiari 1984-86
George Forster-JonesChris Lowson 1987-89
Ian GlasgowMurray d’Arcy 1990-93
Wendy HickmanRick Wolozny 1994-95
Wayne HillMurray d’Arcy 1996
Phil HobbsMike Thoms 1997
Len JamesChris Lowson 1998
Rex JulianRex Julian 1999-2001
Martin KavanaghGarry Ash 2002-03
Chris LowsonMartin Kavanagh 2004
Tim LowsonPaul Cummins 2005-09
Jim MacaulayMurray McLean 2009
Trevor McEntyreHans Sauer 2010-12
Dave McKnightMark Badham 2013
Murray McLeanPeter Malcolm 2014-2017
John O’CallaghanMartin FitzSimons 2018
Chris OddieRobert Somerville 2019-Present
JW Poor
Joe Poynton
Stuart Robson
Mike Ryburn
Gordon Sanders
Peter Shaw
CA Stark
Steve Takiari
Trefor Thomas
Glen Thompson
Richard Vaughan
John Walker
Dave Walsh

Tony Danilenko Award Winners

Since 1968, the Tony Danilenko Award has recognised the Nedlands club member adjudged above all others to have been the best overall club person of the year. The award is in the memory of Anatoly (Tony) Danilenko, an Australian born of Russian parents who played three seasons for Nedlands between 1965 and 1967 whilst stationed in Perth with the Special Air Service Regiment. In late 1967, Tony was posted on active service in South Vietnam as a Captain adviser with the Australian Army Training Team. He was killed in action in a battle north of Dak Pek on Anzac Day, April 25, 1968. He was 24.

1968: Len James1987: Murray d’Arcy2006: Kirk Kawana
1969: Ian Glasgow1988: Stuart Robson2007: Trent Gainey
1970: Peter Bailey1989: Viv Booker2008: Mark Stephens
1971: Peter Shaw1990: Martin Kavanagh2009: Vipi Wilkinson
1972: Tony Davies1991: Richard Vaughan2010: Damian Pacecca
1973: Peter Shropshall1992: Garry Ash2011: Mark Badham
1974: Alistair Woodrow1993: Bernadette d’Arcy2012: Mark Badham
1975: Terry Bradbury1994: Jimmy Grehan2013: Jimmy Grehan
1976: Dave Brock1995: Peter Roberts2014: Peter Blackburn
1977: Des Kirkwood1996: Gordon Sanders2015: Joseph Ritchie
1978: Peter Diamond1997: Tom Fearn2016: Steve Bradbury
1979: Rex Turkington1998: Wendy Hickman
1980: Dave Walsh1999: Wendy Hickman
1981: Tim Lowson2000: Acushla Fearn
1982: Garth Clark2001: Kevin & Sue Canning
1983: Tim Emery2002: Trefor Thomas
1984: John Sarginson2003: Chris Oddie
1985: Garry Ash2004: Steve Bradbury
1986: Chris Lowson2005: Chris Oddie

Joe Poynton Award Winners

The Joe Poynton Award commemorates one of the most legendary figures in the proud history of the Nedlands club. As an 18 year old, Joe played in Nedlands first ever 1st grade premiership victory in 1940. Then, 17 years later, he played in Nedlands second 1st grade premiership victory in 1957. Joe also served for two terms as president, represented WA with distinction and was Nedlands third Life Member behind founding club members John Poor and Clifford Stark. His heroics in the war were even more legendary. Pte Joe Poynton was awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery for his heroics on the night and morning of February 19-20 in 1942, for his role in the defence of the airfield in Dili when Portuguese Timor was being invaded by Japanese forces. Joe Poynton died in 2004.

2004: John Williams
2005: Rex Julian
2006: Murray McLean
2007: Paul Cummins
2008: Peter Sinden
2009: Nigel Eaton
2010: Dave Allport
2011: Hans Sauer
2012: Hans Sauer
2013: Kylie-Anne Drummond
2014: Joseph Ritchie
2015: Kylie-Anne Drummond
2016: Peter Malcolm